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  • Where do I order office supplies?

    Office supplies are no longer on a mandatory state contract.  ASU encourages using the preferred cooperative contract at Staples for office supply purchases.   P-Cards can be used at the Office Depot store.  

    Staples, Inc:

    Office Depot, Inc:

  • What is the procedure for food purchases?

    Food Purchase Requests:

    Departments must complete the Food Purchase Request form when using state funds to purchase food. The form is to be used for food purchases for on or off campus events not provided by Sodexo, Inc., our Dining Services vendor. The form is not required when food is purchased using A-State Foundation or Student Agency funds.

    • On-Campus facilities include all buildings on the Jonesboro campus with the exception of the Judd Hill Center.
    • Off-Campus facilities include restaurants, parks, and other establishments not on the Jonesboro campus.

    On-Campus Official Functions Approvals:

    Food purchased for an on-campus function should be purchased through Sodexo, Inc.

    The Food Purchase Request form must be approved by Sodexo, Inc., PRIOR to ordering from an off campus vendor.

    Once Sodexo, Inc., has approved the request, the department can submit a requisition for approval, along with the Food Purchase Request form.

    Off-Campus Official Functions Approvals:

    All food purchase requests for off-campus official functions must be approved by the department head, chair, dean, and vice chancellor PRIOR to the event.

    The Food Purchase Request form is not required for the following purchases. The function must be documented on the requisition or p-card log:

    • Food purchases provided by Sodexo
    • Classroom experiment food
    • Coffee & supplies for University guests only
    • Candy for community fairs, recruitment trips, and other University functions. Candy for the department is not.
    • Meals outside of Jonesboro

    For more information, see Operating Procedure 05-09 and the Food Purchase Request form on Procurement Services’ web site.

  • What are some minority owned businesses in the area?
  • How do I deny a requisition or budget transfer?

    To Deny a Requisition or Budget Transfer

    Note: Initiators can deny their own requisitions until the last person in the approval queue approves it.

    1. Click on the Self-Service Banner (SSB) icon in myCampus.
    2. Click on the Finance menu.
    3. Click on the Approve Documents link.
    4. Click Submit Query.
    5. Click on the Disapprove link for the document that needs to be denied.
    6. Click on the Disapprove Document button. Once this is done you will receive an e-mail stating the document has been disapproved. You can now login to Internet Native Banner (INB) and make corrections or delete the document.
  • How do I find a lost requisition?

    If you have been timed out in the middle of processing a requisition and forgot to write down a requisition number, please use the following steps to find your lost requisition.

    1. In Banner, go to FPAREQN
    2. Click on the arrow beside the word Requisition (leave the requisition field blank).
    3. When the screen opens, click on the Enter Query icon to erase all the fields.
    4. Tab over to the field Requestor Name and type in the wildcard (%), the last name of the initiator and then the wildcard (%) again.
    5. Tab over to the Request Date field. Type in the date the requisition was entered. The date format must be: DD-MM-YYYY.
    6. Click on the Execute Query icon.
    7. When you locate the lost requisition, double click on the requisition number and it will open the requisition for completion.
  • How do I process an on-campus vendor purchase?

    For instructions please see On-Campus Purchasing.

  • What are the processes for purchasing technology?

    All technology purchases must be accessible to the visually impaired. This includes new technology purchases and software renewals.

    A VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) on most purchases will be required to verify the purchase is compliant with Arkansas law.

    ***The department is not required to obtain a VPAT from a state/cooperative contract items (ex. Dell).

    Software cannot be purchased via the P-Card unless approved in advance to verify that it meets the requirements.   

    Software Purchases: Contact Shane Johnston in ITS at 972-3033 and then Eric Jones (vpat@astate.edu) in Finance and Administration at 972-2005 for VPAT reviews. The initiator will submit an online requisition to the vendor, follow VPAT rules and procedures and complete the IT Security Questionnaire.

    • The requisition will not be processed until Procurement Services receives the approved VPAT and the completed IT Security Questionnaire.
    •  The IT Security Questionnaire must be completed and signed by the vendor as well as Timothy Cureton tcureton@astate.edu or Henry Torres htorres@astate.edu in ITS before it is considered complete.

    Audio/Visual Equipment, Cisco Desktop Phone, Digital Signage, and TV Purchases: Contact David Engelken (dengelken@astate.edu) in ITS at 972-3033.

    Cell Phone, MIFI and Data Plans (for iPads) - Contact Leigh Anne Hall in ITS at 972-3033. You may also go to https://astate.easyvista.com and log in and put in a Service Request for what you need. 

    On-Campus Purchasing from ITS

    Vendor ID: 50554137

    1. Obtain a quote from Information and Technology Services.
    2. Initiate an online requisition to ASU Information and Technology Services.
    3. Override the default Commodity Code description with the specific description and item number of the product being ordered.
    4. Any additional information for line items should be entered in Item Text.
    5. Enter quantity and amount.
    6. Use Tax Group 'P' for services or 'U' for purchases.
    7. Procurement will process the requisition and complete a purchase order
    8. Procurement writes the PO number on the requisition, and then forwards the requisition and back-up documents to Accounts Payable for payment.

    For more information, see the Information and Technology Services web site

    Dell Purchases:
    Vendor ID: 50005425

    1. The initiator must request a Dell equote from Shane Johnston, Assistant Director for Hardware Services. 
    2. The initiator should enter the following in Document Text of the requisition (line 10):Put this information in Document Text:
      SP-16-0019 (this should be on Line 10 – first line of Document Text)
      Equote number
    3. Use the appropriate commodity code:
      20701 Computer Supplies (711306-Computer Related Supplies)
      20401 Non Capital Computers and Laptops (711307-Non Capital Computer Equipment (<$5,000)
      20402 Capital Personal Computer (730800-Capital Computer Equipment (>=$5,000))
    4. Override the default commodity code description with the description from the quote.
    5. Do not override the default Tax Code ‘U’.
    6. Do not use symbols suck as @, #, %, &, _.
    7. Procurement Services will process the requisition and complete a purchase order. The department initiator will receive a copy of the PO by email.
    8. Once the items have been delivered or picked up, the initiator should receive the items in Banner. When the order is incorrect, the initiator should contact Accounts Payable at 972-2315.
    9. Accounts Payable will process the invoice and mail the check.

    Apple Purchases:

    IT Store, Wilson Hall
    Store Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m.‐5:00 p.m. 
    Phone: 972‐3500

    PCards may be used for purchases EXCEPT for computers, laptops, and tablets. Departments who do not have a PCard must initiate a requisition.

    1. Request a quote from IT Store, itstore@astate.edu.
    2. Enter a non‐confirming requisition
    3. Enter Vendor ID: 50405609
    4. Enter the appropriate commodity codes:
      1. 20701 Computer Supplies (711306‐Computer Related Supplies)
      2. 20401 Non Capital Computers and Laptops (711307‐Non‐Capital Computer  Equipment (<$5,000))
      3. 20402 Capital Personal Computer (730800‐Capital Computer Equipment (>=$5,000)) 
    5. Override the default commodity code description with the description from the quote
    6. Do not override the default Tax Code ‘U’
    7. Enter the Quote Number in Document Text.
    8. Procurement Services will process the requisition and complete a purchase order. The department initiator and the IT Store Manager will receive a copy of the PO by email.
    9. Once the items have been delivered or picked up, the initiator will need to review the invoice from the IT Store and receive the items in Banner. IIf the order is incorrect, the initiator will need to contact the IT Store.

    Please see the following guidelines for all ASU technology purchases:

  • What purchasing methods are available?

    Please see all available Finance Forms on the Finance and Administration web site.

    • Postage Meter Form 
      • This Form is utilized to mail packages through the Mail Center
    • IDT
      • The Interdepartmental Transfer Form (IDT) is used to purchase items from on campus vendors that are not set up in Banner Finance.  
    • Expense Transfer Form
      • This form is to transfer funds from one department to another for expenses incurred
    • Budget Transfer Form
      • Most transfers are initiated through Banner Self Service or Internet Native Banner. The paper  form is used to request foundation transfers or revenue transfers. See Budget Transfer Form Instructions for assistance.
    • US Bank Cards ‐ P‐Cards
      • Contact Mike Smith in Procurement Services at 972‐2028.