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Celebrating Student Research Efforts

The First-Year Composition Colloquium is the culminating event for A-State’s Freshman Composition experience. Over the past several semesters, we have enjoyed a conference-style event at the end of each term which showcased student achievement. Unfortunately, due to the social distancing guidelines necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, a large gathering such as the ones we would typically look forward to at this time must be forgone. Nevertheless, the A-State Writing Program’s  FYC Colloquium Committee was determined to continue celebrating our students’ community-changing research efforts. Presented digitally below are the highest quality presentations of Composition II students’ work created during the Fall 2020 term. These projects represent the top ten percent of all the digitally compatible work submitted for our consideration. We are delighted that you have chosen to join us here for our first virtual colloquium and hope that you are as amazed by our student writers as we are!

The members of the FYC Colloquium wish to thank Dr. Gina Hogue, Dr. Janelle Collins, and the Composition II instructors; we are also grateful to Eric Coleman of Creative Media for creating this webpage. Without their generous support, this virtual event would not have been possible.  

Student Projects