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Academic Year 2012-2013


Educate multilingual leaders, enhance their understanding through a multiplicity of cultural perspectives, and enrich their lives through cross cultural exchange.


Prepare students for a professional future in which they can apply their multilingual communication skills, their global experience, and their interdisciplinary understandings and connections to make a difference in their career field and in society.

Ongoing Goals

  • Provide an immersion environment in which second language and cultural acquisition can thrive;
  • Enable an increasing learner population to acquire the communication skills, knowledge, and appreciation of diverse languages and cultures that are necessary to achieve a successful professional career in today's global society;
  • Enable students to achieve linguistic competency and literacy in the cultures associated with the languages studied;
  • Prepare world language teacher candidates with the pedagogical, linguistic, and cultural competency necessary to facilitate second language acquisition to youth and adult learners effectively;
  • Facilitate and promote study abroad as a unique opportunity to enrich and enhance the academic experience;