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Implementation date: Monday, May 18, 2020

Checklists and Forms

  For Managers - Prior to Return

  For Managers - While at Work

  For All Employees

  Weekly Timesheet for Non-exempt Employees

  Return to On-Campus Work Guidelines

  For All Contractors


  1. Establish standards for return of critical personnel to campus.  Anyone beyond critical personnel must be approved by the Emergency Operations Committee before returning to campus.  Those working remotely and individuals with high risk conditions for COVID-19 who request and receive permission through HR allowing them to remain home will not return during this period.
  2. Beginning of Phase I closes the essential employee status of campus, and essential employees continue as Category 1 critical employees.
  3. Prepares the university to return in phases as required by the State of Arkansas.
  4. Mitigates risk in accordance with guidelines provided to the university by the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), or the State of Arkansas.
  5. Identifies categories of personnel:
  • Category 1 - On-Site – Critical personnel who cannot work remotely and must be onsite to perform critical operational functions
  • Category 2 - Remote Work – Personnel who provide services to the university and can do so by continuing to work remotely
  • Category 3 – Individuals who cannot work remotely and who are not yet considered critical or who have high risk conditions, as identified by ADH and/or CDC for COVID19 and have been granted permission by HR to remain home at this time.
  1. An employees WILL NOT return to campus work stations unless pre-approved by EOC. Supervisors must request permission in advance.
  2. Reinstates use of leave time in accordance with federal and state guidelines for Category 1 employees during Phase 1. Use of leave time is reinstated as of the date the employee is approved for return to campus by EOC and activated by supervisor as Category 1 employee.


Arkansas State begins work into Phase 2 return of employees back to campus starting June 15. Employees and supervisors can begin the return process by going to the Return to Work page and complete the appropriate forms. Employees are also asked to go to their my.AState accounts and complete the Blackboard training module on return to campus safety and mask usage.

Operational Parameters for all Category 1 Employees

(Critical Personnel Only Approved by the Emergency Operations Committee)

  • Employees will be required to practice social distancing and proper protection/hygiene will be utilized.
  • Face coverings will be provided by A-State and must be worn when physical distancing (6 feet) cannot be maintained between individuals. Employees will be provided a face covering by the Environmental Safety Office, but may also use their own cloth face masks.
  • Employees must wear gloves if their job requires them to be in close physical contact with people.
  • If possible, internal doors should be propped open to limit touchpoints. This does not apply to designated fire doors or other doors that must remain closed for safety reasons.
  • No in-person meetings of more than 10 people. If more than 10 people are needed for a meeting, then a conference call-in option must be utilized.
  • Minimize non-essential travel. During Phase 1, all travel on behalf of A-State must be approved by the appropriate Vice Chancellor before scheduling. Employees are asked to adhere to CDC Guidelines regarding isolation following travel to areas identified by ADH or CDC COVID-19 “hot spots.”

COVID-19 Related Guidelines for Phase I – Category 1 Personnel:

  • If an employee feels that he or she has a high-risk condition impacted by COVID-19 and wishes to seek a reasonable accommodation, including permission to remain home during Phase 1, then the employee should contact and work with the Human Resources Department to determine if he or she fits into the category of an employee with a high-risk condition impacted by COVID-19. Human Resources will follow ADA, ADH, CDC, FMLA, and CARES Act guidance to make determinations and provide accommodations as needed.
  • All employees who are sick MUST stay home.
  • Employees MUST complete a screening questionnaire immediately upon accessing a campus facility.
  • Employees who are tested for COVID-19 must report this to Human Resources when the test is performed.
    • Do not wait until results have returned to notify the university.
    • Human Resources will advise the employee on next steps until results are received.
  • Additionally, upon any employee receiving notice of a positive test for COVID-19 shall immediately:
    • Call his or her work supervisor to report the positive results.
    • The supervisor shall report this information immediately to the Human Resources Department.
    • The Human Resources Director will report this information to the Arkansas Department of Health Outbreak Response Team immediately at 1-800-803-7847.