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Faculty Exceptions and Justifications for Teaching Credentials


  Faculty Teaching Credentials Form

Arkansas State University recognizes the standard for systematic review of faculty credentials to insure quality (HLC Guidelines, March 2016, effective on September 1, 2017). A decision making flow is on page 2 of this document followed by a reporting table. Upon implementation, a web form for the table will be made available.

Primary qualifications for HLC for teaching are explained in short in the HLC Guidelines:

"Accreditation agencies expect that accredited institutions will use credentials as the primary mechanism to ascertain minimal faculty qualifications. (HLC guidelines for faculty qualification from March 2016: p.3)"

"Qualified faculty members are identified primarily by credentials, but other factors, including but not limited to equivalent experience, may be  considered by the institution in determining whether a faculty member is qualified (p.3)."

"Instructors teaching in graduate programs should hold the terminal degree determined by the discipline and have a record of research, scholarship or achievement appropriate for the graduate program (p.3)."

If other qualifications are used, these must be justified on a case-by-case basis:

"Tested experience qualifications should be established for specific disciplines and programs and could include skill sets, types of certifications or additional credentials, and experiences." (HLC guidelines for faculty qualification from March 2016: p.4)


Political Science MPA NAASPA standard 3.1.