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Frequently Asked Questions

Our staff has provided an easy to follow step-by-step informational video to assist anyone who has any questions about our process. We encourage everyone to take a few minutes out of their day to watch it. 

If you have been assigned Community Engagement Hours by the Office of Student Conduct you will find multiple volunteer options located at the volunteer services website. You and your volunteer supervisor will also need to complete the Community Engagement Hours Form in order to obtain credit for assigned hours. 

If you have been assigned Community Engagement hours by University Housing please contact Kathleen Cocherell at kcocherell@astate.edu or (870) 680-4349.

If you are currently under the status of Persona Non Grata (PNG) please contact Dr. Martha Spack at mspack@astate.edu or (870) 972-2055 or (870) 972-2048.