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Program Information

Our mission is to train graduate students to develop in their professional identities as ethically sound and culturally competent professional school counselors. This school counseling program prepares school counselors to develop and implement comprehensive school counseling programs designed to maximize the academic, career, and personal/social potential of all students so that they may be successful in school and beyond.

This 100% online program equips students to work in public and private schools nationally and internationally by training them to follow the American School Counseling Association’s (ASCA) National Model. Students are challenged to develop as ethically and culturally competent professional school counselors as they learn the importance of social justice and advocacy in their daily work with students. 

The MSE School Counseling Core Faculty are well-experienced both in research and practice and work to create an inclusive learning community for our diverse students. We are committed to helping our school counseling students develop the knowledge, skills, and awareness they need to be culturally competent practitioners and leaders in the field. 

The CAEP accredited MSE School Counseling Program is approved by Arkansas' Department of Education (ADE). The program is aligned with the ASCA National Standards for Students and utilizes ASCA as its SPA for CAEP.

Our Program Outcomes:

  1. Students will strongly identify as a professional school counselor.
  2. Students will possess the knowledge, skill, and awareness to help a diverse range of students and their families in the school setting.
  3. Students will be equipped to practice ethically and legally in the school setting while relying on evidence-based practices in their work with diverse students and their families.

The MSE School Counseling program requires a 100 hour practicum, which is taken during a full semester, and a 600 hour internship, which is spread out over the course of two semesters. Please see the School Counseling Program Handbook for more information regarding the requirements for Practicum and Internship. 

The MSE School Counseling Program at Arkansas State University meets school counseling licensure requirements for the state of Arkansas and is approved by the Arkansas Department of Education, but it has not been determined that the program meets licensure requirements for any other state.