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  • Alex_Worm
    COSM Student Spotlight
    PhD student awarded Max Parker Award

    Alex Worm, PhD student in Environmental Sciences was awarded the Max Parker Award (best in-state bird research proposal) from the Arkansas Audubon Society for his proposal to study the genomics of hybridization in several species of Flycatchers.

  • Guy_William
    COSM student spotlight
    AR Audobon Society Awards Grant to MS Student

    William “Cayce” Guy, MS student in Environmental Sciences was awarded a grant from the Arkansas Audubon Society for his proposal to study the costs and benefits of early season flooding of rice fields for both waterbirds and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Alix_Matthews
    COSM Student SPotlight
    PhD Student Awarded Two Prestigious Grants

    Alix Matthews, PhD student in Molecular and Biosciences was awarded the Margaret Morse Nice Research Award from the American Ornithological Society and the Ernst Mayr Grant from Harvard University. Congratulations Alix!

  • Anahita_Izadyar
    COSM Faculty News
    Izadyar’s Grant Proposal to USDA is Approved

    Dr. Anahita Izadyar, asso prof of chem, has received a U.S. Dept of Agriculture – National Institute of Food & Agriculture grant. She will be principal investigator (PI) & Dr. Elizabeth Hood, Lipscomb Distinguished Professor, will be co-PI.

  • Alam_Gilmore_slide
    COSM Faculty News
    Alam & Gilmore Publish in European Journal

    Dr. Mohammad A. Alam (left) & Dr. David Gilmore (right) published a paper in the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. They describe the synthesis of 80 pyrazole compounds as potent antimicrobial agents.

  • slide-Marsico
    COSM Faculty Spotlight
    Marsico is First Winner of Chancellor’s Medal

    Dr. Travis Marsico, professor of botany and associate department chair, is the inaugural recipient of the Chancellor’s Medal for Research and Creative Activities! Congratulations!

  • Nathan_May_Slide
    COSM Student Spotlight
    University sees first Goldwater Scholar in 25 yrs

    Congratulations to Nathan May, Biotechnology major, who has received the very competitive and prestigious Goldwater Scholar Award!

  • John Hershb
    CoSM Faculty Spotlight
    Hershberger Selected for AASCU Program

    Dr. John Hershberger, assoc prof of chem, is among those selected nationally to participate in the ELP conducted by the AASCU, based in Washington, D.C.

  • DSA_Bailey McAlexander
    cosm student spotlight
    Congratulations Bailey McAlexander! 1 of 6 ASU DSA Recipients!

    Bailey McAlexander will graduate in Honors this May with a degree in biological sciences pre-professional & a 4.0 grade point average

  • DSA_Sarah Hall
    CoSM Student Spotlight
    Congratulations Sarah Hall! 1 of 6 ASU DSA recipients!

    Sarah Hall graduated magna cum laude in honors with distinction & received her Bachelor of Science degrees in psychology & biological sciences in December 2020

  • Argelia_Lorence
    COSM Faculty Spotlight
    Convo of Scholars recognizes COSM faculty member

    Dr. Argelia Lorence, professor of metabolic engineering and holder of the James and Wanda Lee Vaughn Professorship receives Excellence in Diversity Award

College of
Sciences & Mathematics

The faculty in the College of Sciences & Mathematics come from many programs, many universities, and many disciplines, but we all share a common experience, the one that you are now seeking, and want to share that experience with you.

The element of experience

Studying here is more than sitting in a classroom listening to lectures. It is the immersion in a research environment that is purposefully welcoming to students. Our diverse experiences and expertise contribute to a quality educational environment that emphasizes learning through integration of theory with practical laboratory and field studies. Our programs offer you the opportunity to work on projects that provide valuable insight and impact people’s lives.

We invite you to explore the ways in which the College of Sciences & Mathematics can be part of preparing you for it. We know it’s an important decision you’re making and we stand ready to help you take this first step towards success.

Accredited by ACS

The College of Sciences & Mathematics is proud to be accredited by the American Chemical Society.

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Burns Summer Undergraduate Research Award

The College of Sciences & Mathematics (CSM) is accepting applications from students for introductory summer research experiences with the Burns Summer Undergraduate Research Award. This is a $2,500 stipend to two awardees for Summer 2021. Students with between 30 and 60 A-State credit hours and majoring in a CSM Bachelor’s degree program are eligible.

This program seeks to give students a bridge into undergraduate research at A-State. Awardees will research a scientific project under a CSM faculty mentor over the 2021 Summer term. Applicants should seek out a faculty mentor and prepare a brief abstract or statement of research regarding the potential project. Awardees are expected to give a capstone presentation in a formal meeting setting or in a podcast (e.g. the Create@State podcast) at end-of-summer.

 Applicants are requested to submit a completed application form with a statement of research and a copy of unofficial A-State transcript by April 15. Submit application packets electronically to the committee chair, Dr. Carroll (bcarroll@astate.edu), or physically to the CSM Dean's Office in Lab Sciences West Rm 552. Complete applications include two faculty references to be submitted via this online form.

Visitor Parking for Our College

The most convenient visitor parking for the College of Sciences and Mathematics is located behind the College of Fine Arts, off of Quapaw St., or at the Dean B. Ellis Library. 

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Bearcat Biotech Junior Fellowship

The Bearcat Biotech Junior Fellowship Program is a K-12-University venture to offer quality research junior fellowships to Brookland High School students.

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